75 million school-aged children and youth are in desperate need of educational support, either in danger of, or already missing out on their education. Communities highlight the importance of education during times of crises, yet education appeals receive less than 2% of humanitarian funding. The right to education is most at risk during emergencies but it is also the exact time when it is needed the most.

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Education Cannot Wait is a new global fund to transform the delivery of education in emergencies - one that joins up governments, humanitarian actors and development efforts to deliver a more collaborative and rapid response to the educational needs of children and youth affected by crises. The fund aims to reach all crisis-affected children and youth with safe, free and quality education by 2030.

How the fund works
1in 4 of the world's school-aged children livein countries affected by crisis
Education recieves less than 2% of humanitarian aid
75m  children are in need of educational support
What You Need to Know: Engaging in Country Allocations for the First Response Window In April 2017, Education Cannot Wait announced US$20 million investment for seven crises through the First Response Window. This unique mechanism provides early funding support at the onset or escalation of a crisis, in order to reduce the impact of ...
Progress on the Independent Hosting Review of Education Cannot Wait Work to consider Education Cannot Wait’s long term host will begin in June 2017. The work will last up to 10 weeks and is being funded by the UK’s Department for International Development. Education Cannot Wait’s current and short-term host ...
The Right to Education Does Not Cease in a Crisis Education is a must have, not a nice to have. But globally, 75 million school-age children affected by emergencies and protracted crises are in desperate need of educational support. The situation for refugee children, who are five times more likely ...

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"Nearly 60% of refugees in Uganda are children & as many as 300,000 aren't in school" #EducationCannotWait
#Chad: “Never is #education more important than in times of war” - @muzoonrakan1 v/@UNICEFChad #EducationCannotWait
Girls are 2.5 x more likely to be out of school than boys in countries affected by conflict #EducationCannotWait…
#DYK? Refugee children & adolescents are 5 times less likely to attend school than other children…
Only 1/2 of refugee children enrolled in primary school & < 1/4 of refugee youth enrolled in secondary…

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