Education Cannot Wait hosted its first ever webinar to provide updates and insights on the fund’s unique funding mechanism- the ‘First Response Window’. Over 80 participants joined the discussion where they were introduced to Education Cannot Wait’s roadmap, the principles guiding the fund’s investments and the application process.

In April 2017, Education Cannot Wait announced a US$20 million investment in the First Response Window. Funds were allocated to support educational opportunities for children and youth in seven crisis-affected countries: Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Madagascar, Peru, Uganda, Ukraine and Somalia.

This investment marked the launch of a unique mechanism designed to fund immediate education needs, either at the onset or escalation of a crisis. Funds are disbursed to support partners and their activities on the ground for 12 months and serve as a catalyst for strengthened and improved coordination.

A recording of the webinar is now available for viewing.

If you had any additional questions, please email info@educationcannotwait.org.




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