75 million school-aged children and youth are in desperate need of educational support, either in danger of, or already missing out on their education. Communities highlight the importance of education during times of crises, yet education appeals receive less than 2% of humanitarian funding. The right to education is most at risk during emergencies but it is also the exact time when it is needed the most.

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Education Cannot Wait is a new global fund to transform the delivery of education in emergencies - one that joins up governments, humanitarian actors and development efforts to deliver a more collaborative and rapid response to the educational needs of children and youth affected by crises. The fund aims to reach all crisis-affected children and youth with safe, free and quality education by 2030.

How the fund works
1in 4 of the world's school-aged children livein countries affected by crisis
Education recieves less than 2% of humanitarian aid
75m  children are in need of educational support
Education Cannot Wait for Refugee Children in Uganda ECW and its partners conclude successful mission in Kampala to embark on a multi-year Response Plan on Education for Refugee and Host Communities
The Government of Uganda, humanitarian and development actors came together around education for refugees and host-communities for ...
EDUCATION CANNOT WAIT PLANS MULTI-YEAR RESPONSE IN UGANDA A second field mission is ongoing in Uganda to meet with partners
A joint mission led by Education Cannot Wait (ECW), including the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), Save The Children, the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)and UNHCR, ...
EDUCATION CANNOT WAIT AT THE 72ND UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY Putting Education in Emergencies at the Forefront of the Global Humanitarian Agenda
Education in emergencies was at the core of discussions on humanitarian assistance and development at the 72nd United Nations General Assembly. At a time when the world is ...

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Millions of crisis-affected girls are out of school. Let world leaders know that #EducationCannotWait: #IDG2017
#Yemen's unpaid teachers strike as #education crisis deepens @UNICEF_Yemen v @BBC…
.@UNICEFBD to open 1500 new learning centres for refugee children in #Bangladesh. #EducationCannotWait bc of a man-…
RT @JanetMuseveni: #EducationCannotWait will help the government to better the lives of our migrant brothers, sisters & children through pr…
Programs supporting #refugee education are receiving new funding. For these children, #EducationCannotWait.
Great appreciation 👏to #Jordan govt's efforts for all children to be in school v…

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