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Daniela's letter

Daniela*, 14, calls on world leaders to support international organizations that help vulnerable kids succeed.

My name is Daniela*, and I am a 14 year old girl from Venezuela.

My dream is to study a career at university that I like, which I still haven't decided on because I like to do many things and I'm also good at them, like dancing or drawing, sometimes; In addition to managing to succeed in a business I have and traveling to see the world and, above all, returning to Venezuela.

How will education help me achieve my dreams?
It helps me to have discipline, concentration and, above all, understanding because in the future studies are always needed to know what I will deal with in the career I choose because, above all, this helps me know how to deal, even with everyday life cases.

I also call on those world leaders who support these organizations to continue helping them and those who do not, to support us since these organizations help those people who need it or are vulnerable and need to get ahead since, Sometimes, they cannot due to life situations or they do not have those opportunities.