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Gabriela's letter

Gabriela*, 14, dreams of becoming a doctor so that she can help those who need it most.

My name is Gabriela*, and I am a 14 year old girl from Venezuela.

My dream, thanks to the studies that I receive every day, I would like to be a doctor to help the sick and those who need it most, but if I cannot be a doctor, I will study a basic nursing career for the future. That has always been my dream since I was little because my mother has always wanted to be a doctor, but since she didn't achieve it, I will do it because I like it too. Since I was little, I have always liked doctor toys and I want to be a real one and for that I will work hard in my studies to achieve what I want and study at a university, which is expensive. That is why I want you, as an organization, to help me fulfill my dream that I have always wanted because education is important for us as children.