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Kadida* believes education to be a priority. 

I am writing to you to clarify the situation we are experiencing in our region and particularly in my establishment.

We receive the lessons normally, but lack necessary school materials. 

Today, too many children are deprived of their right to education because of their disadvantaged status and their handicap. Some children are excluded from education due to poverty, and would work in order to feed themselves. The place of the child is in school, but meeting the basic needs such as food and clothes lead many of children to drop out of school.

Equal access to quality education must be a priority, as educated young people around the world strengthen, empower communities and fuel economies, helping people lift themselves out of extreme poverty. Education is key to raising awareness of the global issues we are currently experiencing.

You all have a role to play so that no child is left behind. We need educational infrastructures, adequate teaching materials, textbooks for all learners, regardless of their identity, origins or abilities. Education for All must be addressed to all, without exception, and not just to a privileged few.

Dear leaders of the world, the most useful help is that which comes from oneself. We need to study, to improve ourselves to ensure our future tomorrow, the future of our brothers and sisters and this will not be possible without quality education and security in learning.