With Hope and Courage

2022 Annual Results Report

Moving Fast Forward Into Our Next Strategic Plan

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Total Children and Adolescents Reached:

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8.8 million

49.2% girls

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1.2% children with disabilities
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28% Refugees

13% IDPs

59% Other crisis-
affected children

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With hope and courage, we can rise to the challenge of a world set afire by climate change, brutal conflicts and forced displacement. We can do so by mustering the courage to boldly invest in education for those left furthest behind in environments that no human being deserves, least of all children and youth.”

Yasmine Sherif

Executive Director of Education Cannot Wait

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Our Key Results

Education Cannot Wait (ECW) expanded its impact as the United Nations global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises in 2022. The Fund further strengthened its work at the global, national and local levels with strategic partners to provide children and youth in armed conflicts, forced displacement, climate change-induced disasters and protracted crises with the safety, hope and opportunity of a quality education.

Working with its broad range of partners, ECW had active grants in 30 crisis-affected countries in 2022. This report captures the results delivered through these investments to ensure millions of girls and boys in humanitarian crises access quality education and achieve better holistic learning outcomes. It also offers comprehensive cumulative data and analysis on ECW's achievements in its first strategic period, from the start of its operations in 2017 to the end of 2022. Key outcomes from the ground-breaking first ECW High-Level Financing Conference in February 2023 are also captured, with insights on ECW's strong positioning as part of the global education architecture as the Fund starts its new 2023–2026 strategic period.

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    Additional funding for education in emergencies and protracted crises

    ECW mobilized US$1.5 billion through its Trust Fund from its creation in 2016 to 2022. An additional $1.2 billion was allocated by donors as new funding for EiEPC programmes at the country level, including $842 million (71%) that was strongly aligned with ECW-supported MYRPs.

  • Bar chart of funding totals from 2016 - 2023. Totals are in millions. 2016 – 73.7; 2017 – 99.8; 2018 – 87.5; 2019 – 299; 2020 – 122.5; 2021 – 359.6; 2022 – 80.8; 2023 – 153.7; Pledges – 265.4 0 100 200 300 400 73.7 99.8 87.5 299 122.5 359.6 80.8 163.7 265.4 Pledges 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 US$ million
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    Delivering across the humanitarian-development nexus

    In 2022, two new Multi-Year Resilience Programmes (MYRPs) were developed and one was renewed. In total, 26 MYRPs were active, strengthening the link between humanitarian and development efforts. In addition, 12 new First Emergency Response (FERs) grants were approved in response to acute emergencies and escalating crises in 10 countries.

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    Holistic needs embedded in educational settings

    New MYRPs in 2022 continued to include a 'whole-of-child' approach – focusing on gender, protection, and mental health and psychosocial support. More funding was allocated per child reflecting a more holistic approach that prioritizes children's learning, safety and educational equity. Budgets increased from $143 in pre-2022 to $232 in 2022 for MYRPs, and $41 pre-2022 to $59 in 2022 for FERs.

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    Reaching those left furthest behind

    ECW investments benefited over 883,000 refugees in 2022 (21% of all children reached), and 2.1 million refugees since inception (28%).ECW support reached nearly 580,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in 2022 (14%), and over 1 million IDPs since inception (13%). Since inception, ECW has invested approximately $226 million (28% of its total programme allocation) in education programmes that provide support to refugees.

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    Inclusion and equality commitment

    Over half of the children reached in 2022 were girls, including 53% at the secondary level. ECW focuses on reaching marginalized groups in crises – including girls, refugees, displaced children and children with disabilities.

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    Agility and speed

    ECW aims to disburse funds and start programmes within eight weeks of an emergency or country appeal. In 2022, 16% of FERs were developed within this target period. Throughout the Strategic Plan period (2018-2022), 37% of FERs were developed within this target period. On average, acute-emergency FERs were disbursed in nine weeks and protracted crisis FERs were disbursed in 15 weeks. Average response time increased largely because FERs are more often being used to respond to escalating crises within existing protracted contexts, requiring greater coordination and collaboration.

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    Ground‑breaking initiatives

    ECW's first 'global estimates' study, issued in June 2022, was used by ECW and others to raise visibility of the urgent need for support to education for 222 million crisis-affected children globally. ECW's #222MillionDreams✨📚 campaign engaged key partners, donors and champions worldwide in a call for funding and political commitment. More than 45 high-profile leaders from the United Nations system, governments, civil society and the private sector lent their voices to the campaign.

Our Active Grants

In 2022, ECW had 85 active grants in 30 crisis-affected countries.

In 2022, ECW allocated $164.8 million through its FER, MYRP and AF investment modalities. A total of $138 million was allocated to MYRP grantees in 2022. This increased the amount of MYRP allocations since inception to $528 million, representing 66% of total programmatic allocations ($798.1 million).

world map of active grants, located in south america, africa, asia, and europe

FER investments

MYRP investments

The boundaries, names and designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations, Education Cannot Wait or partner countries.

New Programmes per Funding Window

FER: ECW approved $34 million through FER window programmes in 10 countries in 2022.

MYRP: In 2022, two new MYRPs (Cameroon and Haiti) and one renewed MYRP (Central African Republic) were approved, bringing the total number of countries supported by MYRPs since ECW's inception to 26. New commitments in the amount of $77 million were approved via 11 grants to these three MYRPs.

Acceleration Facility: Two new AF grants were approved in 2022 to scale innovations and build institutional capacity for coordination within the education in emergencies and protracted crises sector in 2022.

ECW Allocations by Investment Type, 2016-2022 (in million US$)

MYRP IIN FER AF 0 50 100 150 200 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 Cumulative: 798.1 Million US$ US$ million 10 M 69.2 M 74.3 M 151.0 M 143.3 M 164.8 M 185.5 M 10.0 2.5 0.0 45.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 21.7 53.9 20.1 0.3 108.8 105.4 121.6 138.0 21.7 5.1 41.1 69.4 19.1 1.1 10.7 2.6

Funds mobilized per donor

From ECW's launch at the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016 through the ECW High-Level Financing Conference in February 2023, ECW mobilized over $1.5 billion through its Trust Fund. ECW's three largest donors are Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. The LEGO Foundation remains ECW's largest private sector donor. Bilateral contributions made up 90% of the total funding mobilized; private sector contributions 6% and multilateral contributions 4%.

Bar chart showing funds per donor US$ million 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 Other donors Verizon Italy Theirworld Porticus Australia Dubai Cares Finland Zurich Cantonal Bank France Qatar Sweden Netherlands Ireland Switzerland European Commission LEGO Foundation Canada Norway Denmark United States of America United Kingdom Germany 2016-2022 2023 $159.3 $109.3 $98.8 $83.2 $62.3 $40.0 $33.0 $42.4 $13.4 $11.2 $7.2 $8.8 $7.2 $5.4 $4.6 $1.0 $0.13 $2.1 $31.6 $29.8 $19.0 $20.0 $10.6 $2.1 $1.6 $29.1 $10.6 $25.0 $65.0 $51.0 $50.0 $43.0 $100.0 $374.4

Our Strategic Donor Partners

Delivering education in emergencies and protracted crises around the world with decisive speed, agility and strategic partnerships.

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