75 million school-aged children and youth are in desperate need of educational support, either in danger of, or already missing out on their education. Communities highlight the importance of education during times of crises, yet education appeals receive less than 2% of humanitarian funding. The right to education is most at risk during emergencies but it is also the exact time when it is needed the most.

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Education Cannot Wait is a new global fund to transform the delivery of education in emergencies - one that joins up governments, humanitarian actors and development efforts to deliver a more collaborative and rapid response to the educational needs of children and youth affected by crises. The fund aims to reach all crisis-affected children and youth with safe, free and quality education by 2030.

How the fund works
1in 4 of the world's school-aged children livein countries affected by crisis
Education recieves less than 2% of humanitarian aid
75m  children are in need of educational support
LE FONDS ÉDUCATION SANS DÉLAI ET SES PARTENAIRES LANCENT UN PROGRAMME D’EDUCATION PLURIANNUEL POUR ASSURER L’ACCES... Éducation sans délai fait un investissement initial de 11,1 millions de dollars américains pour déployer le programme triennal de 59 millions de dollars américains
14 janvier 2021, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso – En collaboration avec le gouvernement du Burkina Faso, l’UNICEF ...
EDUCATION CANNOT WAIT AND PARTNERS LAUNCH MULTI-YEAR EDUCATION PROGRAMME TO DELIVER EDUCATION TO OVER 800,000... ECW invests initial US$11.1 million to roll out the 3-year US$59 million programme
14 January 2021, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso – Together with the Government of Burkina Faso, UNICEF and Enfants du Monde, Education Cannot Wait (ECW) – the global fund ...
LE FONDS ÉDUCATION SANS DÉLAI APPROUVE 33,3 MILLIONS DE DOLLARS DES ÉTATS-UNIS POUR LE BURKINA FASO,... En réponse à l’aggravation des crises au Sahel central, ces nouveaux programmes bénéficieront à 300 000 enfants et jeunes touchés par le déplacement, les conflits et la COVID-19 
New York, le 4 janvier 2021 – Éducation sans délai a annoncé aujourd’hui le déboursement de ...
EDUCATION CANNOT WAIT APPROVES US$33.3 MILLION FOR BURKINA FASO, MALI AND NIGER IN THE CENTRAL... In response to escalating crises in the Central Sahel, these new programmes will reach 300,000 children and youth impacted by displacement, conflict and COVID-19
Available in French.
4 January 2021, New York – Education Cannot Wait (ECW) today announced US$33.3 ...
INTEGRATING MENTAL HEALTH AND PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT IN COVID-19 EDUCATION RESPONSES A girl attends a psychosocial support session where she shares her experience through drawings and short stories. Photo: UNICEF Uganda /Bongyereirwe
Q&A with Sarah Harrison, International Federation of the Red Cross, Co-Chair, Inter-Agency Standing Committee’s Mental Health and Psychosocial Support ...
EDUCATION CANNOT WAIT APPROVES US$22.2 MILLION FOR MULTI-YEAR RESILIENCE PROGRAMME IN THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF... In response to large-scale, complex and protracted crises, the three year programme aims to reach over 200,000 internally displaced, returnee and refugee girls and boys – as well as host community children and youth – with safe and equitable quality ...

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