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World Vision International

World Vision Honoured to Join Global Campaign for Education Board of Directors

The upcoming Education Cannot Wait High Level Financing Conference in Geneva in February 2023 will be the first global moment following TES for donors, governments, and partners to uphold their commitments to the 222 million crisis-impacted children and young people in need of education support and pledge at least $1.5 billion to Education Cannot Wait. World Vision looks forward to continued collective action with GCE and other allies to make these promises a reality.


How Is War Impacting The Lives Of Innocent Children Across The World?

The United Nations global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises, Education Cannot Wait (ECW),  published a report that shows the number of crisis-impacted school-aged children requiring educational support has increased from an estimated 75 million in 2016 to 222 million in 2021 in the world.

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Children Are Shining Light of Today, Future-UNICEF

In Maiduguri, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Chief of Field Office Phuong Nguyen has declared that children are the ‘shining light’ of today and the future. Nguyen made the declarations to mark World Children’s Day (WCD) in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital.

The mark of children’s day was organised by Borno Literary Society with support of Education Cannot Wait (ECW) and the European Union (EU) in Nigeria.

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Bakura Adopts Braille to Broadcast News On Al-Ansar FM Radio in Borno

A Borno State blind vulnerable boy, Bakura Muhammad, used braille to read the primetime news on the Al-Ansar 96.1 FM radio to mark World Children’s Day in Maiduguri, the state capitol. 

The presentation, which was done in collaboration with Al-Ansar Radio, was supported by the European Union, Education Cannot Wait and the Global Partnership for Education.

United Business Journal

The Education Industry Worldwide: Valuable Possibilities in a Large and Increasing Market

In the world, 65 million of children are displaced in their countries or refugees, so education for these kids is a big issue. There’s still a lot to do to fix the situation, but thanks to organizations like the fund Education Cannot Wait, the number of kids that can access education is significantly increased.

Mena Focus


As fans around the world celebrate the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tournament, Heads of State joined Education Above All (EAA) Foundation and its partners for the kick-off of the Scoring 4 the Goals campaign. The Scoring 4 the Goals campaign is possible through partnership with the African Union, Qatar Fund for Development, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, World Bank, World Health Organization, Education Cannot Wait and more. 

Inter Press Service

Every Child Has a Right to Realize the Human Potential

 On World Children’s Day, we must remember what it means to be a child born with a right to reach the human potential. Nothing is more precious, more priceless, than a child growing towards that potential. And nothing is more despicable than to ignore the innocence and learning needs of a child in the process of becoming.

Prensa Latina News

Haiti calls to respect right to education

Education authorities in Haiti encourage all people to continue mobilizing and reiterate that education cannot wait. Education is one of the main victims of Haiti’s recurrent crises, which have worsened in recent years with a succession of unpopular governments, economic recession, natural disasters, increased poverty and the growth of armed groups.


Every child has right to realize human potential: UN education director

Every child has a right to realize the human potential, said Education Cannot Wait (ECW) Director Yasmine Sherif on Sunday in her World Children's Day statement. "Nothing is more precious, more priceless than a child growing toward that potential. And nothing is more despicable than to ignore the innocence and learning needs of a child in the process of becoming," said Sherif.

Agence Ecofin

La Somalie reçoit 5 millions $ des Nations unies pour maintenir 43 000 enfants dans le système éducatif

Le fonds mondial des Nations unies pour l'éducation dans les situations d'urgence et les crises prolongées, Education Cannot Wait (ECW), a annoncé le vendredi 18 novembre une subvention de 5 millions de dollars sur une période de 12 mois pour permettre à 43 000 enfants et adolescents d'avoir accès à l’éducation en Somalie, en particulier dans la région du centre-Sud.


Trẻ em cần là trọng tâm chương trình nghị sự về phát triển bền vững

Nhân Ngày Thiếu nhi thế giới, Giám đốc chương trình Education Cannot Wait nhấn mạnh trẻ em cần được đưa lên hàng đầu và là trọng tâm của chương trình nghị sự toàn cầu về phát triển bền vững.


UN Education Fund Announces Grant for Drought Response in Somalia

Education Cannot Wait (ECW), the UN global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises, announced on Friday a first US$5 million emergency response grant for Somali children affected by a devastating drought. ongoing alongside renewed conflicts over resource scarcity.