A Case for Investment 2023-2026

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222 Million Dreams✨📚: A Case for Investment 2023-2026

In 5 years, ECW’s investments have reached a total of 7 million children and youth in some of the most challenging crisis settings, and an additional 31.2 million in our COVID-19 interventions. There is still much to do done, however, with 222 million crisis-affected girls and boys around the world in urgent need of educational support today. Their education cannot wait. ECW’s investment modalities deliver rapidly at scale, while also ensuring depth in quality and sustainability. Investing in education means investing in humanity, investing in those left furthest behind is a manifestation of profound humanity in response to absolute inhumanity. Join us today!

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3 Reasons to Fund ECW

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We Catalyze Political Commitments & Resources

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We Reach those Left Furthest Behind

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Our Interventions are Flexible & High Impact

Map of ECW Country Investments

Map of ECW Country Investments
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ECW's Strategic Plan


ECW’s second Strategic Plan covers the period 2023-2026. The plan describes how ECW will build on its proven model, while catalyzing new solutions in response to the growing needs in the sector. The plan embodies the 'New Way of Working' -- facilitating strengthened collaboration of a wide range of stakeholders to achieve collective education outcomes. 

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