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Education Cannot Wait (ECW) makes funding available from three Windows*:

1- The First Emergency-Response (FER) Window

This window responds to the most urgent needs as a crisis suddenly occurs or escalates. It provides rapid funding against an inter-agency coordinated proposal and is aligned with inter-agency planning and resource mobilization strategies, such as Flash Appeals and Humanitarian Response Plans. Projects are for a maximum of 12 months and are prepared at the country-level through relevant coordinating body for education in the country affected, such as the Education Cluster,  Education in Emergencies (EiE) Working Group, local Education group (LEG). ECW does not accept unsolicited single grantee applications.

2- The Multi-Year Resilience (MYR) Window

The MYR window supports more collaborative education responses in protracted crisis countries shifting the focus to joint analysis, multiyear-planning and joint-programming. Integrating immediate and medium-term responses, it is geared towards bringing in long-term predictable financing and thereby bridging relief to development. For the period 2018-2021, ECW will target its multi-year support to 25 priority countries identified in its strategic plan. Preparation of the 3-4 years joint programmes, prioritization of activities and selection of grantees is undertaken at the country level by an ECW Task Force.

3- The Acceleration Facility

The aim of the Acceleration Facility is to support activities and research that feed into broader collective efforts at all levels to improve education preparedness, planning and response in sudden-onset and protracted crises. The development of the Acceleration Facility strategy is currently ongoing. Once finalized, calls for proposals will be published on the ECW website.

*Gender equality and equity is a pillar of ECW investments. As such, the gender perspective is integrated in all proposed programming. For more information refer to ECW’s Gender Strategy.


ECW No-Cost Extension and Reprogramming Request Form (2020.05.11)

61.58 KB

ECW No Cost Extension and Reprogramming Request Form (2020.11).docx 

20200615_ECW FER Grantee Selection Guide_Final

236.77 KB

20200615 ECW FER Grantee Selection Guide Final 

20200601_MYRP Application Instructions

147.30 KB

20200601 MYRP Application Instructions 

20200601 MYRP Template

133.10 KB

20200601 MYRP Template 

ECW MYRP Reporting Template Six Months

104.55 KB

ECW MYRP reporting template six months rev 

ECW Operational Manual ( June 2020)

3.29 MB

ECW Operational Manual 

ECW FER Application Template July2019

118.26 KB

ECW FER Application Template July2019 

Guide for ECW First Emergency Response applications July 2019

8.16 MB

20190701 Guide for ECW First Emergency Response applications 

ECW Acceleration Facility 2019-2021

2.01 MB

ECW Acceleration Facility 2019 2021 FINAL 

ECW Acceleration Facility Application Template

99.13 KB

20190329 ECW AF application template 

ECW Concept_Note_Template 20181029

60.35 KB

20181029 ECWConcept Note Template 

ECW Results Framework Indicator Guidance for Grantees 17 July 2018

895.71 KB

ECW Results Framework Indicator Guidance for Grantees 17 July 2018 (1) 

ECW MYRP reporting template_for Grantees

140.54 KB

20190318 ECW MYRP reporting template March 2019 

ECW_Redeployment of Funds Request FER projects

57.00 KB

ECW Redeployment of Funds Request FER projects 

Collective Outcomes Results Framework

488.13 KB

Collective Outcomes Results Framework 

Narrative Reporting Guidelines

530.52 KB

20180110 Guidelines for narrative report final 

Selection of Grants Management for ECW Funding

326.11 KB

20180627 Grants Management Selection 

Policy on Misuse of Funds and Communications Protocol

379.40 KB

ECW Policy on Misuse of Funds and Communications Protocol FINAL 

No Cost Extension & Reprogramming Request Form

docx 35.63 KB

UNICEF Hosted Funds No Cost Extension and Reprogramming Request Form 

Guidance on Budget Modifications

docx 29.08 KB

Guidance on ECW NCEs and Budget Modifications 


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