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Girls in Ethiopia.
Get to know the inspiring stories of the girls and boys at the heart of ECW results!
ECW’s investments are reaching millions of crisis-affected girls and boys with safe, inclusive quality education. We thank our grantees across the world whose dedicated work in crisis-affected communities is empowering children and adolescents. We are particularly grateful to the girls and boys, parents, teachers and communities supported by ECW-funded programmes who have accepted to share their incredible stories of hope and perseverance. 

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Bringing Hope Through Education: Ali's Story

A boy with disabilities is loving learning thanks to expanded support from Save the Children, NRC and OWDA in Ethiopia delivered through the...

Sadiya Goes to School

Sadiya Goes to School

Displaced and living with a physical disability, a determined and courageous girl takes her first steps to learning and the future with support...


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Classroom in Uganda

In Uganda, a refugee teacher from South Sudan has returned to the classroom through an accelerated education programme implemented by the Norwegian Refugee...

School boy in Syria

In Syria, innovative new approaches get children back to school, back to the safety and promise of an education, and back on track...