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Global Superstar Lisa Joins 2024 Global Citizen Festival Lineup

As world leaders gather in New York for the UN General Assembly, the 2024 Global Citizen Festival will advocate for the equity of all people, calling on governments, philanthropists and the private sector to ensure the basic needs of the world's marginalized communities are fulfilled, including immunizations and strong health systems, quality education, and nutritious food.

For example, there are currently 72 million children out of school due to conflict and crisis around the world. Global Citizen is calling on the governments such as Australia, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden and the US to provide at least $250 million to help bridge the funding gap of $500 million for Education Cannot Wait, which supports children's access education across 43 crisis affected countries, to help 20 million children living in conflict zones to continue their education.


Education Cannot Wait Interviews The Sunday Times Chief Foreign Correspondent, Best-Selling Author and ECW Global Champion, Christina Lamb

ECW: The 14th of June 2024 marked 1,000 days since the ban of girls’ secondary education in Afghanistan. On that tragic milestone, ECW launched phase two of its global #AfghanGirlsVoices advocacy campaign. In addition to the campaign, how can the world further activate political leadership and how can global partners – UN, CSOs, Governments and the public – help support a return to schooling for all girls in Afghanistan?

Christina Lamb: We should all feel ashamed that there is a country on the planet in 2024 where girls are not allowed to go to school. Yet, three years after the Taliban takeover, sometimes it feels as if the world has just moved on. Meanwhile girls in Afghanistan are losing hope. Unfortunately, the Taliban is a reality, but no one I know in Afghanistan wants their daughters imprisoned at home. This needs to be called out as what it is – gender apartheid. I think any engagement with the Taliban by the international community should be conditional and all global partners should be doing everything to put pressure on them, if not directly, then through others that the Taliban listen to, such as leaders from the Islamic world and influential clerics. Personally, I raise the issue at every platform I can. In the meantime, we should do everything we can to support girls through online learning, by providing books and materials to the brave activists running home schools, and by sharing #AfghanGirlsVoices.

Relief Web

Paving the Way for More Inclusive and Equitable Education for Some of the World’s Most Marginalised Students

Education Cannot Wait (ECW) and the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) announce an expanded three-year partnership that will improve holistic quality learning outcomes and quality learning environments for crisis-affected learners in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uganda. The new US$375,000 ECW Acceleration Facility grant to Schools2030, the AKF-led global movement for holistic education and teacher leadership, builds on two years of collaboration to improve teaching and learning in countries impacted by emergencies and protracted crises.


Le Mag (18/06/2024) – Transformer l'éducation à l'échelle mondiale

Aujourd'hui, on se penche sur "Education Cannot Wait (ECW)", le fonds mondial des Nations Unies pour l'éducation en situation d'urgence et de crise prolongée. Quelles sont ces missions ? Comment aider au mieux les enfants concernés par la pauvreté ? Comment faire en sorte qu'ils accèdent dignement à l'éducation ? Comment remettre les filles sur le chemin de l'école ? Pour en parler, Patrice Boisfer reçoit Folly Bah Thibault, défenseure mondiale du programme "Education cannot wait".
Dans sa "Loupe", Alix Nguyen met en avant l'ONG "Bibliothèques Sans Frontières".

Global Citizen

Why We Host the Global Citizen Festival

On the equity side, Belgium’s government committed €2 million to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Supplies program, marking its first commitment to the UN to advance maternal healthcare and contraception access worldwide. In another substantial win for education, France made a new €40 million commitment to Education Cannot Wait (ECW) to help children living in countries affected by conflict continue their schooling. 

The Nation Pakistan

PRDS distributes assistive devices among handicapped students

Assistive devices, including wheelchairs, walking sticks/stands, eyeglasses, and hearing devices, were distributed among the most vulnerable 600 students of government-run schools with the support of international volunteer organization “VSO” and Education Cannot Wait, said a press release issued here on Tuesday. Distribution ceremonies were held at the Government High School Sheikh Abad Peshawar and in schools of Nowshera and Charsadda, where, after proper medical check-up and screening, students were handed these assistive devices.


Grave Violations against Children in Armed Conflict at Record High; Speakers in Day-Long Debate Explore Ways to Bolster Norms to Protect Them from Harm

The representative of Switzerland said: “There is no second chance for childhood”, observing that children fear for their lives in many armed conflicts. Pointing to the highest number of grave violations ever verified — an increase of a quarter from 2023, she said: “We are collectively failing our duties to children.” She reported that her country financially supports monitoring and reporting mechanisms in Syria and Yemen. “The withdrawal of UN missions must not be at the expense of child protection,” she continued, highlighting the importance of protection and monitoring activities during and after transitions. To that end, Switzerland contributed to UNICEF’s funding and seconded child protection specialists to UN agencies, including to Mali, following the withdrawal of the UN Multidimensional Integration Stabilization Mission. Encouraging States to sign the Safe Schools Declaration, she said that her Government will continue funding the Education Cannot Wait fund.

Philanthropy News Digest

Unlocking Futures: A Global Overview of Education in Emergencies Financing (June 2024)

Over the last two years, key stakeholders – including, crucially, crisis-affected children and young people themselves – have continued to identify EiE financing as a priority. This was emphasised at the Transforming Education Summit in September 2022, at the High-Level Financing Conference of Education Cannot Wait in February 2023 and at the Global Refugee Forum in December 2023, amongst other processes. However, in this same time frame, many donors have cut their humanitarian budgets, with consequences on EiE, while attention to high-profile emergencies has overshadowed other neglected crises. 

Modern Diplomacy

The Global Education Crisis Must Be Addressed Today to Build a Better Tomorrow

Education is a traditionally neglected sector in this overall humanitarian funding window. This said, over the past ten years – with the emergence of dedicated global multilateral funds such as Education Cannot Wait and the Global Partnership for Education – humanitarian funding for the education sector inside and outside of UN-led humanitarian appeals saw a notable increase from US$136 million in 2012 to US$1.16 billion in 2022. 

IL Bernina

Le Banche Cantonali lanciano una soluzione d’investimento congiunta a favore dell’istruzione

L’istruzione scolastica è la base per lo sviluppo individuale, sociale ed economico di ogni persona. L’acquisizione delle conoscenze di base e delle competenze è essenziale per ogni individuo: per prendere decisioni, partecipare come cittadina o cittadino alla vita politica e integrarsi nella società e nella vita professionale. Vi sono però numerose sfide nel settore dell’istruzione. Secondo «Education Cannot Wait» (ECW), il fondo delle Nazioni Unite per l’istruzione in situazioni di emergenza, vi sono in tutto il mondo attualmente circa 224 milioni di bambine e bambini nelle aree di crisi che non hanno un accesso adeguato alle offerte educative. Il miglioramento dell’istruzione di qualità inclusiva ed equa è quindi uno dei 17 obiettivi per lo sviluppo sostenibile delle Nazioni Unite (Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile OSS) e dell’Agenda 2030 della Confederazione. 

The Borgen Project

Unlocking Economic Opportunities with Education in the Congo

Education Cannot Wait (EWC), the global fund for education in less-resourced areas, has stepped in to aid the DRC. The nonprofit is addressing teacher shortages, supplying psychosocial support services and training for educators and instituting nutrition programs at school. As of August 2023, EWC has built or rehabilitated 343 classrooms and trained 2,425 teachers. The inclusivity and protection component of its mission has facilitated the distribution of more than 3,000 female hygiene kits to girls and supports the monitoring of school performance.

Libero Quotidiano

#WeTheWomen: A Vision, A Mission, A Movement

Education Cannot Wait Executive Director Yasmine Sherif Statement on the International Day of Women in Diplomacy. 

Germany's Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Svenja Schulze is another empathetic and fearless leader that has helped to put education funding at the top of the international agenda. Her leadership has been essential in building Education Cannot Wait as a global multilateral fund. "By bringing together public and private actors in humanitarian aid and development cooperation, ECW creates a bridge between short-term humanitarian action and longer-term development," said Schulze.