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UN education fund announces grant for Somalia drought response

Education Cannot Wait (ECW), the UN global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises, on Friday announced a first emergency response grant worth 5 million U.S. dollars for Somali children affected by a devastating ongoing drought along with renewed conflicts over scarce resources.


Re-imagining the future of education together

There is a need to expand dialogue on the role of the new governance mechanisms in which GCE participates, such as the High-Level Steering Committee of SDG4 – Education 2030, the Board of the Global Partnership for Education, and the High-Level Steering Group and Executive Committee of Education Cannot Wait, among others.

Harriett Baldwin – 2022 Parliamentary Question on Education Cannot Wait

The parliamentary question asked by Harriett Baldwin, the Conservative MP for West Worcestershire, in the House of Commons on 16 November 2022.


Education Cannot Wait Announces US$5 Million First Emergency Response Grant for Somalia Drought Response

A devastating ongoing drought in Somalia, along with renewed conflicts over scarce resources, is putting the lives and education of millions of children at risk. In response to the crisis, the United Nations global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises, Education Cannot Wait (ECW), announced today a US$5 million First Emergency Response grant, bringing total investments in Somalia to US$33 million to date.


Hoy se presenta la Estrategia regional de la respuesta de la UNESCO a la situación de personas en contexto de movilidad en América Latina y el Caribe (2022-2025)

En el webinario se presentó la estrategia, se abordaron experiencias provenientes de los países de la región, buenas prácticas desde la labor de la UNESCO en la región, de la sociedad civil y desde el Grupo Regional de Educación. Asimismo, fueron presentados los resultados del informe del Programa multianual de resiliencia de Education Cannot Wait: Garantizar el derecho a la educación de estudiantes en situación de movilidad.

Global Partnership for Education

The power of education to prevent conflict-related sexual violence

This event aims to showcase the protective and preventative power of education as part of the solution to ending sexual violence in conflict.

Policymakers will be invited to respond to their ideas and set out their vision and approach to building education systems that are gender transformative and put the safety and well-being of children front and center.

Harriett Baldwin highlights the importance of the work of Education Cannot Wait

Harriett Baldwin highlights the value in supporting refugees in the first safe place they flee to and urges the Government to commit to backing the work of Education Cannot Wait which delivers education in refugee camps.

BBC Parliament

UK Prime Parliament Meeting — Prime Minister's Questions

In response to a question from International Parliamentary Network for Education global co-chair Harriet Baldwin in UK Parliament, Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab affirms the "brilliant work" of Education Cannot Wait (ECW) and agrees to "look at what more the United Kingdom can do" to support ECW and the education of refugee children. 

G5 Noticias

Colombia, Ecuador y Perú han hecho esfuerzos relevantes para incluir a las personas en situación de movilidad en sus sistemas educativos, dice nuevo informe de la UNESCO

El reporte emanado el martes 15 de noviembre por la Oficina Regional de Educación para América Latina y el Caribe (OREALC/UNESCO Santiago), con el apoyo de Education Cannot Wait y el grupo Regional de Educación para América Latina y el Caribe, afirma que los tres países andinos han disminuido las barreras de acceso educativo para las personas en situación de movilidad (migrantes, refugiados, desplazados). A través de la modificación de sus sistemas de información y gestión educativa (SIGED), ahora existe una mayor comprensión y visibilidad de esta población, una oportunidad para responder mejor a sus necesidades.


Grief Matters: Supporting Resilience and Wellbeing of Children in Crisis Contexts

With the growing number of natural disasters and conflicts around the world, it is no surprise that the amount of children displaced by climate emergencies or conflict has grown exponentially and will continue to rise. Whether forced to flee because of a hurricane, earthquake, or active or protracted conflict, the physical act of leaving your home, your safe place, and oftentimes your family, is a compounded traumatic event that will inevitably induce a grieving process.

This loss can be an overwhelming and an emotionally painful experience which may affect each child differently. However, the emotional and physiological impact of displacement is often ignored in educational responses for children.

World Vision Canada

Education in emergencies: The key to unlock human rights

“[When we were established], there were 75 million youth whose education was disrupted. Today, there are 222 million of them,” said Yasmine Sherif, director of Education Cannot Wait (ECW), the United Nations’ global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises.

Canal CampoTV

En el Distrito se realizará el Primer Foro Educativo Aceleración del Aprendizaje

La Alcaldía Distrital de Santa Marta, el Consejo Noruego para Refugiados y la fundación Education Cannot Wait realizarán el Primer Foro Educativo Aceleración del Aprendizaje ‘Un espacio de inclusión y oportunidades de transformación en el aula’, este martes 15 de noviembre, entre las 8:00 de la mañana y las 5:00 de la tarde en el Estelar Santamar Hotel y Centro de Convenciones.