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El Tiempo

Una Iniciativa Para Mejorar la Situación Educativa de la NIñez Migrante

Durante el foro Foro Nacional Educación sin Fronteras, que se lleva a cabo hasta hoy en el Hotel Habitel de Bogotá, fue presentado el proyecto La Educación no Puede Esperar, fruto de una alianza entre Unicef, Save the Children, World Vision, el Consejo Noruego para Refugiados, la Fundación Plan y la financiación de Education Cannot Wait.

CBS News

Maryland High School Teacher Keishia Thorpe Wins $1 Million Global Teacher Prize

A Maryland high school English teacher who has worked to open up college education for her students has won the $1 million Global Teacher Prize, the Varkey Foundation announced Wednesday.

The Times

We Either Deal with the Taliban or Watch Afghans Starve to Death

In Kabul last month families were selling belongings such as kettles, plates and mattresses on the pavements outside the country’s Olympic headquarters to put food on the table. “This is shameful,” a father of four told me. “But we ate nothing yesterday. If I sell some bedding I can buy cooking oil and feed my children tonight.”


Education Cannot Wait Calls for Urgent Funding for Afghanistan

Education Cannot Wait (ECW) on Wednesday appealed to donors to significantly increase financial support for a robust collective humanitarian-development nexus response, including urgent funding for education.


Fondo de la ONU Invierte Millones de Dólares en la Educación de los Refugiados y Migrantes en América Latina

Haciendo un llamado a la comunidad internacional para invertir en la educación en países que atraviesan emergencias o conflictos, la directora de Education Cannot Wait dio detalles del trabajo que este fondo de la ONU realiza en América Latina. Celia Mendoza nos amplia desde la ONU.

Yahoo Finance

Education Cannot Wait Calls for Urgent Funding to Fulfill the Right to Education of All Children and Youth in Afghanistan

ECW Director leads first all-women mission to Afghanistan since Taliban takeover: 'With Afghanistan on the brink of a total collapse, the international community must stay engaged. The humanitarian imperative must come first.'


‘Afghanistan Is On The Brink Of Collapse,’ Says UN Director

Director Yasmine Sherif, the Director of Education Cannot Wait, an UN-led initiative dedicated to advancing education in crisis zones traveled to Afghanistan over the last few days as part of an all-women team. She came back with grim news for the country: “Afghanistan is on the brink of Collapse” she said on Wednesday in a press briefing from Islamabad airport, Pakistan’s capital.

Project Syndicate

Education Must Come First

Disruptions to education resulting from COVID-19, violent conflict, and climate change are leaving crisis-affected girls and boys ever-further behind. It is hard to imagine a better investment than keeping these children in school- OpEd by Yasmine Sherif

La Nacion

Estados Unidos Destina Más De 30 Millones De Euros Al Fondo Internacional Por La Educación ECW

La Agencia de Estados Unidos para el Desarrollo Internacional ha anunciado que donará 37 millones de dólares --en torno a 31,6 millones de euros-- al fondo global por la educación Education Cannot Wait (ECW

EU Reporter

EU Announces €25 Million for Education in Crisis Contexts and €140 Million to Support Research in Sustainable Food Systems

Speaking at the Global Citizen Live event, President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced that the European Union is pledging €140 million to support research in sustainable food systems and tackle food hunger via CGIAR, and a further €25m for Education Cannot Wait.


Global Citizen Live 2021: Our Favorite Photos from the Festival

A slew of stars descended on New York, Paris and beyond on Saturday to talk climate change, vaccine equity and more causes affecting the world

Yahoo Finance

Donors Come Together With US$138.1 Million in New Funding for Education Cannot Wait During UN General Assembly to Leave No Child Behind

With new contributions from Germany, United States of America, European Union/European Commission, The LEGO Foundation, France, Switzerland, and Porticus, ECW and partners are building a movement to reach millions of the world's crisis-affected children and youth with the safety, hope and opportunity of a quality education.