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Education Cannot Wait Interviews Bruno Maes, UNICEF Representative to Haiti

Support from Education Cannot Wait (ECW) helps UNICEF in assisting families affected by violence and displacement to reintegrate children into formal education. Where integration into formal schools is not feasible, UNICEF collaborates with partners to establish alternative, safe, and temporary learning environments for children. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to ECW for its invaluable support in our efforts to sustain education in emergencies (EiE)

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Supporting Youth Success Paths in Kurdistan, Iraq

To address such significant challenges faced by young Syrian adults in Basirma camp we have developed a vocational training program funded by Education Cannot Wait (ECW), partnered with Save the Children, Intersos and Rwanga Foundation targeting 19-24-year-olds who are out of work or not currently enrolled in educational/training programs offering them practical skill acquisition along with soft skills enhancement through structured series of trainings followed by internships partnering local businesses ensuring immersive hands-on experience contributing positively towards their futures.

Education Cannot Wait's #ShareTheirVoices Global Advocacy Campaign Launched by ECW Executive Director Yasmine Sherif in Lead Up to United Nations Summit of the Future

In the lead up to United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres' Summit of the Future, taking place on 22-23 September 2024, Education Cannot Wait is supporting the global #ActNow Campaign with an urgent call to increase funding for the more than 226 million crisis-impacted children worldwide urgently in need of an education through ECW's global #ShareTheirVoices campaign.


Healing Through Learning: UNICEF Empowers Teachers and Parents to Support Children in Stress

Ekaterina, a mother of two from Kiev enrolled her children in a Moldovan school when she arrived to Moldova in March 2022, shortly after the war in Ukraine started.

With an understanding that trauma can significantly impact learning outcomes and overall well-being, UNICEF, in partnership with the Norwegian Refugee Council and financially supported by Education Cannot Wait, rolled out the Better Learning Programme.

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Ethiopia Education Cluster Quarterly Newsletter January - March 2024

As of March 2024, EiE programs have successfully reached 356,000 individuals, but significant work remains to ensure all emergency-affected children have access to quality education. The number of out-of-school children (OOSC) due to emergencies is estimated at a staggering 8.85 million; it has continued to climb since mid 2023.


ƒ Collaborated with Cluster and Refugee Working Group partners on concept note for Education Cannot Wait (ECW) funded Anticipatory Action (AA) pilot for Ethiopia

ƒ Finalized response strategy with Education Cannot Wait for three year Multi-Year Resilience Programme (MYRP) which will support crisis-affected regions of Amhara, Somali, and Tigray

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Educar la mente sin educar el corazón no es educación

Según Educo, que trabaja de la mano de Education Cannot Wait, los llamados humanitarios que exigen educación disminuyen drásticamente (casi siete veces menos) en esta última década – pasaron de 517 millones de dólares a 3785 millones – y en este mismo período, las contribuciones solo se multiplicaron por cuatro, pasando de 190 millones a 805 millones.

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Resaltando la labor de quienes enseñan a la niñez: los maestros

El proyecto ‘La educación no puede esperar’, financiado por Education Cannot Wait, logró mejorar las condiciones, permanencia y pertinencia educativa a más de 13.100 participantes en su último año de implementación en el 2023, en las que se incluyeron talleres de bienestar docente a cientos de maestros y maestras de instituciones educativas ubicadas en La Guajira, Antioquia y Norte de Santander.


Docentes Rurales en Colombia: Un Pilar Vital en Medio De Desafíos Educativos

Un ejemplo notable de esfuerzos por mejorar la calidad educativa en zonas rurales es el proyecto ‘La educación no puede esperar’, financiado por Education Cannot Wait. Este proyecto ha logrado mejorar significativamente las condiciones, la permanencia y la pertinencia educativa para más de 13,100 participantes en su último año de implementación en 2023. Además, se han impartido talleres de bienestar docente a cientos de maestros y maestras de instituciones educativas ubicadas en La Guajira, Antioquia y Norte de Santander, brindándoles herramientas para enfrentar los desafíos únicos que enfrentan en sus roles como educadores rurales.


Educating the Mind Without Educating the Heart is No Education at All

An educated heart cannot turn a blind eye to the unrelenting destruction of human life or nature. An educated heart acts to prevent the growing inequities in the world. An educated heart finds it unbearable to ignore the right of 226 million children to a quality education. According to Education Cannot Wait’s strategic partner Educo, humanitarian appeals to meet education demands have dramatically increased more than sevenfold in the last decade – from US$517 million to US$3.785 billion – while contributions have only increased fourfold over the same period, from US$190 million to US$805 million.


A teacher inspires hope and learning amidst adversity

Al-Hol, northeast Syria – In the sprawling camp of Al-Hol, amidst basic living conditions and uncertainty, Rudayfah, a strong woman and mother of eight, found her calling as a teacher and a beacon of hope for children yearning to learn.

400 teachers were supported with training on class management and interactive teaching methods. The activities were funded with support from Education Cannot Wait

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Pakistan Office Annual Report 2023

UNICEF addressed both access and learning challenges in education by supporting gender sensitive empirical evidence on school dropouts, school language, Early Learning Development Assessment Standards, gender-responsive budgeting, and improved provincial education data systems. This enabled the government to improve strategic planning and monitoring of education service delivery. UNICEF provided crucial coordination to the education sector through various platforms. At national level, UNICEF supported the coordination of the Education Sector Working Group (ESWG)-EiE focusing on the Education 2022 floods response, the Education Cannot Wait (ECW) Multi-Year Resilience Programme (MYRP) and the Regional Response Plan (RRP) for Afghan Refugees.

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Barriers and Enablers to Education in Libya - Situation Report, April 2024

Migrant and refugee children encounter the most difficulties accessing education, facing financial, documentation, social, and language barriers. The objective of this assessment is to inform the Education Cannot Wait consortium members and stakeholders about several factors influencing enrollment, dropout, and attendance in Libya.