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Awa*, an internally displaced child from Mali, wants to get an education so she can pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. 

To the backers of Education Cannot Wait,

Hello, my name’s Awa* and I come from Mali. I take classes in an Accelerated Schooling Strategy centre with the Education Cannot Wait programme. I’m an internally displaced person. I dream of being a nurse to help my parents because they don’t have any money and I want to care for the people in my village.

When we left our village we lost everything. My parents are managing to feed our family. To achieve my dream, I need to continue my studies.

I need books, textbooks, pens, a school bag and clothes to wear.

I also want my parents to get financial help to feed our family.

I’m calling on all the leaders of the world, in particular Education Cannot Wait and its partners, to help us and all the other children who are victims of crisis and who are in an emergency situation. 

Please come and save us, because without education there’s no future.

*Name changed for privacy purposes.