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14-year-old Darline* had her education interrupted due to inflation, scarcity of fuel, insecurity and gang violence in her home country Haiti. 


My name is Darline*. I am 14 years old.

The Haitian state does not act in the interest of the country. The education system is in tatters. The crisis in the country is multiple.

It is a political, economic and social crisis.

The school is not functioning due to inflation, scarcity of fuel, insecurity and gang violence in the country.

Today, we go to school but with fear in our stomachs. We avoid wearing school uniforms.

I want the country to improve. I hope that the state will take things in hand, so that there are vocational schools for young people, so that children who beg in the streets can have access to education. Young people will be able to find work. Hospitals, universities and schools can be built.

My dream for Haiti is for the Haitian state to change. Stop corruption, let businesses be built so that all young people can find work.

I want to become a doctor. I want to be able to help the young people of the next generation no longer take up arms, no longer let the country sink into unsanitary conditions, so that all their projects can be realized.

The advice that I would like to give to the members of the Haitian state is to unite so that there is security, that everyone can go back to school, in order to be able to ensure the future and love the country more.

The main problem is the hijacking of vehicles by gangs which prevents the transportation of fuel. They kidnap students, kill young people. I demand change! 

*Name changed for privacy purposes.