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Eileen*, from Cameroon, had her education interrupted due to attacks on the school in her village. 

Greetings World Leaders.

Peace be on you, and His blessings.

My name is Eileen* from the Southwest Region of Cameroon. 

I used to attend primary school. But when the war started, I stopped going to school because they were killing people and taking our teachers to the bush. 

My father and mother took us to another city and I was happy that I will go back to school and become a Medical Doctor. Unfortunately, my father never had money to pay my fees. My father then took us to another city, where I was taken to a learning center to learn with other children using tablets donated by ECW through UNESCO.

I want to thank ECW for the support and encouragement they gave to us in the year 2020/2021 making us intelligent even where we were unable to go to school. 

I am very grateful for the support as I am committed to continue in the good deeds when I grow up. Though I am happy learning in the center, I look forward to a peaceful environment that can guarantee me returning to school safely so I can become a medical doctor. 

Thank you all and may God grant you long life God willing

Peace be on you


*Name changed for privacy purposes.