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Fadimata* is grateful for the support she's received to access education from her refugee site. 

5 December 2022


Class: CM1A

School: SR1



I’ll be a teacher to educate pupils. I want to be supported with materials like handbooks and practical courses, so that I can give lessons to pupils like my teacher does when I grow up. My wish is to see schools move towards practical learning instead of theoretical lessons.



Fadimata* was born in August 2007 in Mali in a bush. She started school in Initiation Class (CI) in Niger in 2016 and continued up to Elementary Class 1 (CE1) level. In 2019, her family settled at the refugee site in Niger, where she continued with her studies from Elementary Class 1 level at the Residential Site 2 (SR2 in French) school, and she is currently in Middle Class 1 (CM1) at the same school. Fadimata* has four younger siblings, two girls and two boys, three of whom are enrolled in school. The first is in Initiation Class (CI) at the madrassa school at the refugee site, the second is in Middle Class 2 (CM2) at the SR1 school for refugees and the third is in the same year as her, Middle Class 2, at the SR2 school at the same site.


*Name changed for privacy purposes.