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Kamil*, a 12-year-old from Syria, was forced to migrate to Iraq after violence broke out in his home city. He has found safety and community in his new school. 

Dear world leaders,

My name is Kamil*. I'm twelve years old. I’m a student in six grade basic school.

I want to be an architect in the future to help build and reconstruct my country Syria and all the countries that are affected by war and destruction.

I lived with my family in Syria. Our small family contained of my father, mother and me. We had a small and quite house there were beautiful garden. I and our neighbor’s son loved football and we played football in our small garden every day. My parents didn’t allow me to go out from home because of the sound of bullet and explosions. Once a day I went out without telling my parents, I heard a very big sound of an explosion which was a car bomb. Unfortunately, my friend, his father and other people killed from the car bomb. I cried and hurried to home. After arriving at home, I found no one inside, I was terrified and covered my head with my hands. After hours of worried my parents come back home and crying, they were helping injured people and found me, I run towards them and hug me hard. My parents decided to migrate to Iraq to preserve ourselves and we left our beautiful house, also I left my ball which I played and loved it. We left everything and we immigrate to Iraq. 

We came to Iraq because of our financial situation. We came and settled in a new town. I started studying and made some new friends. I would feel of safe and love. I have friends here but my love to my little house and rebuilding my country above everything. I hope that safety and security will come back to every country and we go back to our country.

*Name changed for privacy purposes.