Lucas*, 14, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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14-year-old Lucas* from the Central African Republic dreams of becoming a doctor, but had his education interrupted due to violence in his village. 

Dear leaders of the world,

My name is Lucas*. I dream of becoming a doctor when I’m older to help the community. I’m 14 years old. I’m from the Central African Republic. 

We fled the war as one day, in the morning, Mum asked me to go with her into the field. When we got to the field, armed men came and found us, and one of them killed my mum in front of me. They wanted to kill me too and one of the armed men refused. 

I’m a refugee at a camp. I’m in the eighth year of general education at a school built by UNHCR and ECW. For me, education is the only hope I have left to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor. 

I ask world leaders and UNHCR to think of us refugee children and provide funding to let us finish our studies. I’ll return to my home village to work and help people after my studies as I’m studying in a good school. Thank you. 

*Name changed for privacy purposes.