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Oumar*, from Mali, had his education interrupted by constant displacement of his family.

5 December 2022


Name: Oumar*

Class: CM8 

School: SR2



When I’m older, I want to be a local prefect. The supplies that the NGOs give us let me learn and study a lot of subjects. We want our learning conditions to improve and for school to be a good place to study.



Oumar* was born on 13 December 2012 in Mali. He started school at the age of four (04) in 2016 in Initiation Class (CI). In 2019, he and his family stayed for some time in Benin, where he attended Preparatory Class (CP). He continued with his Preparatory Class studies in 2019 when his family arrived in Niamey. Eventually, when the family settled at the refugee site in Niamey, Oumar* started Preparatory Class again in 2020 at the Residential Site 1 (SR1 in French) school, where he is currently in Middle Class 2 (CM2) in the 2022–2023 school year. The fact that he started the same level twice is not only due to the constant displacement of his parents; his father also thinks it is helpful so that his son will have a good level of education. Oumar* has three younger brothers who are all at primary school. The first is in Preparatory Class at the madrassa school at the refugee site, the second is in Middle Class 1 (CM1) at the Residential Site 1 (SR1 in French) school, and the third is in the same class as him, in Middle Class 2 at the same school.


*Name changed for privacy purposes.