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A 10-year-old named Sofía* had her education interrupted when she fled her home country, Venezuela. 

Lima, December 7, 2022

My name is Sofía*. I am 10 years old and I am from Venezuela. I live with my parents and my 2 little brothers in Peru.

I like being a good student, listening to my parents and teachers, and I love my school because my classmates are good to me even though I am a foreigner. My teacher is very kind and my school principal is joyful and dances with all my friends. My school is small but very welcoming.

In 2021, I came to Peru with my aunt and my two little brothers. My parents came a year earlier.

Now I live in a group of houses in a neighborhood in Lima, and although it is a bit dangerous and we cannot go to the park alone, I like it because I get to be with my family and it reminds me of when I lived in Venezuela.

I would like the +Diversity programme and ECW to help me in my school studies. I really like art, singing and the English language.

In the future, I would like to be an architect. I also love dancing and singing. At my mom's work, they gave me the opportunity to sing and they liked my performance.

The +Diversity programme has supported me with school supplies and they also provided tutoring classes that helped me with my homework.

There are many girls like me who are migrants and leave their country to have a better life in a new country.

This is why I am calling on world leaders. So that they can provide job opportunities for our parents. I ask that their priority be the education of girls and boys, to give them all the conditions and materials to finish school.

I feel welcomed and happy in my beloved school because despite it being a small school, we are a family and we love each other very much.