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Taitu* was in fourth grade when her education was interrupted due to intense conflict in her village in Ethiopia. 

Honorable world leaders, I request that you spare a moment from your hectic schedule to listen to what I have to say. My name is Taitu*. 

Approximately four years ago, my family and I were forced to relocate to a nearby district in the Somali Region, as a result of the intense ethnic conflict that had broken out in our village. My father was killed in this conflict. He was the only source of income for our family, and since his passing, we have all suffered greatly. At that time, the federal security officers assisted in bringing us to this district.

I was in grade four when the fighting started, and I had to drop out of school and come here to this district, where we are now situated.

Previously, my father handled all the household responsibilities, however, after his death, the entire responsibility fell on my mother and I. We received a variety of educational resources through Save the Children's ECW initiative, allowing us to attend school.

Our region has endured frequent droughts brought on by climate change, which has prompted children to drop out of school. Your support is therefore absolutely necessary to get children back in school.

Honorable world leaders, I want to express my gratitude to you for listening to my message. 


*Name changed for privacy purposes.