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In the Tigray region, Tigist*, 8, fled her home when the conflict in northern Ethiopia started. She has since been living in the Sebacare camp for internally displaced people, where she has been able to resume her education thanks to the UNICEF-supported school set up in the camp with the support of Education Cannot Wait.

My name is Tigist* and I am 8 years old. I drew the house of my dreams. Before the conflict I went to Addis (Addis Ababa, the capital) where I saw a house exactly like this one. I thought it was beautiful, and that I'd like to live in it, so I drew it.

Shortly after my visit, the conflict started, and I had to flee my house and now my family and I live in a tent. I would prefer to be home, but I'm happy because I've been able to go back to school, learn, and I've made some friends to play with.

The top left window would be my bedroom, the top right window the kitchen and the living room would be downstairs. The weather would always be nice and sunny and there would be flowers on the trees, and grass and apples too, and everyone would be happy.

*Name changed for privacy purposes.