Violeta*, 13, Colombia

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Elianny Letter

Violeta*, a 13-year-old from Venezuela, dreams of being both a professional dancer and lawyer in the future. Her education was interrupted at age 11 when she moved to Colombia. 


My name is Violeta*. I am 13 years old and I am from Venezuela. I came to Colombia when I was 11 years old. I have many memories of where I come from but I think I'm forgetting them. One of the most beautiful memories that I will never forget is when I would get together with my friends during Holy Week and we would bring coconut, papaya, mamón and rice pudding sweets and share them among ourselves. My family is small. It’s only us four, my mother, my two brothers and me. But we are very warm and we are also very hard workers. 

Education for me is a great support to reach our dreams. I dream of becoming a professional dancer and lawyer in the future. The ECW programme has greatly helped the education of children and adolescents. The programme has given a large number of boys, girls and adolescents the opportunity to continue studying to achieve their goals. 

I call on those who support the ECW programme to continue helping many children and adolescents like me to have the opportunity to continue studying so that one day they can become great professionals. Some will be veterinarians, lawyers, singers, dancers, doctors, police officers, and much more. I want to thank the ECW programme for helping me and my classmates to continue studying. Thanks for all that you have done to help us.

*Name changed for privacy purposes.