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Xene*, a 13-year-old girl from Central African Republic, dreams of being a schoolteacher in the future. She is grateful for the resources she received in school after an attack disturbed the peace in her village.

16 December 2022

Dear ladies and gentlemen of the world,

My name is Xene*, I'm 13 years old and I'm in CM2 class.

I live in a village in the Central African Republic.

I’m happy to give my opinion and I’d like to thank Education Cannot Wait, who helped us a lot after the attack on our village. They helped us a lot in our school by building three classrooms, paying the parent-teachers, giving out school kits and dignity kits to the girls and teaching us about child protection.
After the events that affected my village, I want to know why children have to suffer because of adults’ problems.

I’d like ECW to come and build another building so lots of children can go to school like I do.

I’d like to be a schoolteacher when I’m older because education is very important for a country. When I’m older, I’d like to teach children to love their work and respect their parents and other people so there’s no more war in our beautiful country, the Central African Republic.

I’d like the people in charge in the Central African Republic and other places to listen to children's messages of peace, because it’s us who will inherit this world and it mustn’t be in a bad state.
Adults need to listen to each other, forgive each other and make progress together.

Thank you, 


*Name changed for privacy purposes.