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Zehab Drawing

Zehab*, a young girl from Afghanistan, is thankful for the opportunities she's been given to go to school while many others can't. 

I am attending my class, but many other girls can’t! 

My Name is Zehab*, and my father’s name is Emad. I am a resident of Afghanistan.

I want to get an education and become a well-known doctor. But I am wondering that I might not achieve my dreams, as girls are not allowed to attend schools in Afghanistan. 

Despite all these difficulties, I thank Street Child’s leadership for providing the opportunity to me and my peers to study and go beyond our dreams. They also distributed books, pens, notebooks and playing kites to us. Now, I am attending this class, but many other girls can’t. So, I want the Street Child authorities to build classes for other girls and boys of Afghanistan as well. 

We do not have any class in our area, but still, we are learning through these spaces.

I call on the world leaders to help us and give us the opportunity to learn and lead our future. 




December 05, 2022 


*Name changed for privacy purposes.