ECW Announces $2 Million for UNRWA in Gaza

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Education Cannot Wait has announced critical First Emergency Response funding for UNRWA’s operations in Gaza in 2018, allocating a total of $2,067,518.

Drawing from ECW’s contingency funds, the announcement comes in response to UNRWA’s dire financial situation at the end of 2017 which is threatening school closures and continuity of education for children and young people living in Gaza.

UNRWA is currently facing a shortfall of $8.85 million for education needs in Gaza (out of a total $16 million shortfall in the UNRWA education sector overall).

With ECW’s contribution, UNRWA can prevent 271, 900 students, or 83% of 6-15 years old Palestinian refugee children, from having their education disrupted in the coming 12 months.

In Gaza, UNRWA provides universal access to basic education to the largest number of students of any education service provider. Student numbers in UNRWA schools in Gaza are continuing to increase year-on-year by around 3.4%  which is primarily driven by rapid rates of population growth in the Gaza Strip. 

While ECW seeks to address the current emergency needs to sustain quality education for the next year, it will further galvanise support and drive concerted efforts to find more sustainable solutions to UNRWA’s continuing funding shortage, working with partners across the board to find collective solutions.

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