A Message From the Fund’s Director

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A Message From the Fund’s Director

Dear Friends of the Fund,

Firstly, I want to extend my gratitude for the warm welcome I’ve received since joining the fund.

I have been fortunate to meet with many of you during my initial months. Dedicated education colleagues in Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan & Uganda, committed donors, heads of UN agencies, dynamic civil society groups and private sector partners – all united by a shared vision to create a world where every child, no matter where they live or what their status, can access their right to education, pursue their potential and rebuild their lives.

I have already witnessed the immense efforts of our partners, who are hard at work delivering education in some of the world’s most complex and dangerous environments.

Our shared mission to bring hope is one which must continue.

Our recent success at G20 and the upcoming UN General Assembly provide an essential springboard for our efforts to elevate education in the mind of the world’s leaders and reach the most vulnerable children with safe, free and quality education. This is a remarkable time for education, and the effect of our powerful advocates, strategic alignments, narrative and innovative solutions are already proving transformative.

ECW combines humanitarian speed and development depth to make quality education a reality for children living in crises.

We measure our success by our results on the ground – in how we make a difference in children’s lives, and thus in the human capital of nations. Beyond our initial fundraising success, the fund is dedicated to generating both public and political commitments; filling gaps in planning, capacity and coordination. We are dedicated to driving education forward – from relief to development; strengthening systems and accountability, to make sure our overall response has lasting impact.

We know there is no solution to the global displacement/humanitarian crises that does not involve education, which empowers the young to engage and rebuild their lives.

Education must be at the heart of conflict prevention, crisis recovery, economic development and in achieving the SDGs – it is the very foundation for materializing these goals, and I know there is no way to deliver on this promise without the full support of this diverse range of partners.

We can only achieve success by optimizing our collective strengths, bringing about a solution that is fast-moving, innovative, field-oriented and multi-year in its response- one that is aligned with the multilateral humanitarian and recovery architecture in emergencies.

It is an exciting, challenging and meaningful mission. We are in this together with 75 million children in the most crisis-affected areas in the world.

Together, we will get there. We are in a race against time, and cannot fail.

Education Cannot Wait.

Yasmine Sherif, Director of Education Cannot Wait

Yasmin Sherif

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