Providing education, training and new opportunities for crisis-impacted girls and boys in Chad.

ECW in Chad

While education is a priority in Chad, the education system has been stretched as the country received refugees from neighbouring countries in crises. The impacts of climate change, poverty, hunger, and instability also add to the pressure. Both host community and refugee children and adolescents are at risk, and the overall literacy rate and opportunities to continue education into secondary school remain low. Since 2017, Education Cannot Wait (ECW) has supported partners to ensure refugee, internally displaced and host community children and adolescents have access to safe and inclusive education environments. These include distance learning programmes, schools’ rehabilitation, psychosocial support for children with disabilities and services such as feeding programmes.

Geographical Areas of ECW-funded Interventions
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  • Number of children and adolescents supported with school feeding programmes: 69,987
  • Number of girls and boys receiving cash transfers for education: 4,597
  • Number of teachers/administrators trained in emergency preparedness, disaster risk reduction and risk management topics: 1,791


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Chad faces a multidimensional humanitarian crisis of forced displacement, food insecurity, malnutrition and health emergencies. The country hosts close to a half a million refugees from neighbouring countries – the Central African Republic, Nigeria and Sudan. Internal displacement within the country continues, affecting many citizens.

Chad’s Ministry of National Education and Civic Promotion has insufficient funds to adequately respond to the many challenges facing the country. ECW’s Initial 2017 Investment in Chad transitioned to a Multi-Year Resilience Programme (MYRP) in 2020. The goal is to ensure girls and boys in communities affected by emergencies receive quality education and training for their well-being in an inclusive, equitable, secured and gender-sensitive learning environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic created new challenges to the education system. Subsequently, many activities were reprogrammed to support changing needs, with a focus on WASH in schools, mental health and psychosocial support, and distance learning.

Programme Components

  • Addressing Malnutrition. As part of ECW’s holistic approach, investments support feeding programmes across the Lac and Logone Oriental provinces. These programmes benefit thousands of girls and boys. Parent-teacher associations and mothers’ associations are trained in the management of school feeding and food hygiene. 
  • Improving School Infrastructure. In the Lac and Logone Oriental provinces, grantees in coordination with the Ministry of Education and Civic Promotion launched a tender process for the construction of classrooms, boreholes and latrines that are gender-segregated and accessible for children with disabilities. These facilities contribute to safe and positive learning environments for all children.
  • Learning Materials for Children. Supplying school-in-a-bag kits, early childhood development kits and school bags for distribution to schools and students in the Lac and Logone Oriental provinces.
  • Strengthening Inclusive Education. Psychosocial and inclusion activities in the Lac and Logone Oriental provinces meet the needs of girls and boys with disabilities by raising awareness of people with disabilities and providing support for families.

For more information on ECW's work in Chad, please contact Country Lead Graham Lang Graham Lang ( and Programme Manager Noemi Robiati (

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