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Times of San Diego


"Education cannot wait for nearly a quarter of a billion children in crises-affected countries," said Yasmine Sherif, Executive Director, Education Cannot Wait. "Be a Global Citizen and let your voice echo and your actions change the world for the better."

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Stand Up and Speak Out to End Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan

As the world mourns this inhumane and immoral 1,000-day ban on girls' education, global leaders, advocates, influencers and courageous Afghan girls have stepped up to share their call for an end to gender apartheid in Afghanistan through Education Cannot Wait's ground-breaking #AfghanGirlsVoices Campaign.


Chiến dịch #AfghanGirlsVoices của quỹ Giáo dục Không thể Chờ đợi nhấn mạnh những lời chứng thực tế đầy ắp niềm hy vọng, lòng dũng cảm và sự kiên cường của nữ sinh Afghanistan bị từ chối quyền học tập

Hôm nay, người dân trên toàn thế giới kỷ niệm một cột mốc bi thảm về nhân quyền, quyền trẻ em và quyền của trẻ em gái: 1.000 ngày kể từ khi nữ sinh Afghanistan bị cấm học trung học Để kỷ niệm và suy ngẫm về cột mốc không thể chấp nhận này, Giáo dục Không thể Chờ đợi (ECW), quỹ giáo dục toàn cầu của Liên Hợp Quốc dành cho các trường hợp khẩn cấp và khủng hoảng kéo dài, đang triển khai giai đoạn thứ hai của chiến dịch cấp bách #AfghanGirlsVoices.

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Kampania #AfghanGirlsVoices ukazuje prawdziwe świadectwa nadziei, odwagi i wytrzymałości afgańskich dziewcząt, którym odmówiono prawa do edukacji

Dziś ludzie na całym świecie wspominają zdarzenie katastrofalne dla praw człowieka, praw dziecka i praw dziewcząt. Mija 1000 dni od momentu wprowadzenia w Afganistanie zakazu uczęszczania dziewcząt do szkół średnich. Aby podkreślić ten fakt i rozważyć jego konsekwencje organizacja Education Cannot Wait (ECW) - globalny fundusz Organizacji Narodów Zjednoczonych na rzecz edukacji w sytuacjach wyjątkowych - rozpoczyna drugą odsłonę wyjątkowej kampanii #AfghanGirlsVoices. 

Canada Newswire

La campagne #AfghanGirlsVoices d'Education Cannot Wait met en lumière des témoignages concrets d'espoir, de courage et de résilience de la part de filles afghanes privées de leur droit à l'éducation

Aujourd'hui, des gens de partout dans le monde marquent une étape tragique en matière de droits de la personne, de droits de l'enfant et de droits des filles : 1 000 jours se sont écoulés depuis que les filles ont été interdites de fréquenter l'école secondaire en Afghanistan. Pour commémorer cette étape inacceptable et y réfléchir, Education Cannot Wait (ECW), alors que le fonds mondial pour l'éducation dans les situations d'urgence et les crises prolongées au sein des Nations Unies lance la deuxième phase de sa campagne convaincante #AfghanGirlsVoices.


La campaña #AfghanGirlsVoices de Education Cannot Wait pone de relieve testimonios reales

Personas de todo el mundo conmemoran hoy un trágico hito para los derechos humanos, los derechos de la infancia y los derechos de las niñas: 1.000 días desde que se prohibió a las niñas asistir a la escuela secundaria en Afganistán. Para conmemorar y reflexionar sobre este hito inaceptable, Education Cannot Wait (ECW), como fondo mundial para la educación en situaciones de emergencia y crisis prolongadas en el marco de las Naciones Unidas, lanza la segunda fase de su convincente campaña #AfghanGirlsVoices.

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Kampaň #AfghanGirlsVoices fondu Education Cannot Wait prináša skutočné svedectvá nádeje, odvahy a odolnosti afganských dievčat, ktorým bolo odopreté právo na vzdelanie

Ľudia na celom si dnes pripomínajú tragický míľnik pre ľudské práva, práva detí a práva dievčat: tisíc dní odkedy dievčatá v Afganistane dostali zákaz navštevovať stredné školy. Ako pripomienku k zamysleniu sa nad týmto neprijateľným míľnikom spúšťa Education Cannot Wait (ECW), ako globálny fond pre vzdelávanie v núdzových situáciách a dlhotrvajúcich krízach v rámci Organizácie Spojených národov, druhú fázu svojej naliehavej kampane #AfghanGirlsVoices.

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Education Cannot Wait’s #AfghanGirlsVoices Campaign Highlights Real-Life Testimonies of Hope, Courage and Resilience by Afghan Girls Denied Their Right to Education

Today, people across the globe mark a tragic milestone for human rights, children’s rights and girls’ rights: 1,000 days since girls were banned from attending secondary school in Afghanistan. To commemorate and reflect on this unacceptable milestone, Education Cannot Wait ( ECW ), as global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises within the United Nations, is launching the second phase of its compelling #AfghanGirlsVoices campaign.

Plan International

Children learn through play in Uganda

The first ever Day of Play has been held in Uganda, showcasing one of the most transformative forces in a child’s life.

The celebration was organised by the Ugandan Government with support from UNICEF, The LEGO Foundation, Education Cannot Wait and Plan International. The day couldn’t have happened without our partnerships with civil society organisations who are working alongside us to support and promote learning through play.

IPS - Inter Press Service

1,000 Days—Afghan Girls’ Voices Campaign Enters Second Phase

“As a global community, we must reignite our global efforts to ensure that every adolescent girl can exercise her right to an education. Gender discrimination is unacceptable and will only hurt the already war-torn Afghanistan and her long-suffering people. Girls’ right to an education is a fundamental right as outlined in international human rights law,” said Education Cannot Wait (ECW) Executive Director Yasmine Sherif.

IPS - Inter Press Service

Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light

The inequality gap is widening, with more than two-thirds (69%) of global wealth held by developed nations, while less than a third can be found in the developing world

And while millions of young people in the Global North celebrate graduations this month at high schools, colleges and universities, a quarter of a billion children and adolescents across crisis-impacted countries in the Global South are not even able to access early childhood development and the basic 12 years of education.

Yasmine Sherif is Executive Director Education Cannot Wait (ECW)

Africa Daily News

Multi-Year Resilience Programme: Yobe Communities Benefits From Dignity Kits Distribution

According to the communication officer of Street Child, Abdulrazaz Yakubu, the initiative is part of the Multi-Year Resilience Programme (MYRP), funded by Education Cannot Wait (ECW) and implemented by Street Child as the lead partner. 

Yakubu explained that the project is sub-granted to YOPCODI to be executed in Damaturu and Potiskum Local Government Areas of Yobe state.