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Modern Diplomacy

In Yemen, despite 2 years of truce, the education crisis continues

In 2023, less than 20% of the education funding requirements were met in the Humanitarian Response Plan. Without sufficient aid to education, children’s rights will not be fulfilled, and the peace and recovery of the country could be at jeopardy.

The lack of funding for the education response in Yemen is reflected around the world and underscores the urgent need for humanitarian donors to fund education in crisis contexts.This includes funding education in humanitarian appeals and at the global level ensuring that Education Cannot Wait the global fund for education in emergencies is fully replenished.

News from Crystal Palace

MPs question ministers on plastic packaging… and preparing for natural disasters abroad

In 2023, we pledged £80 million to Education Cannot Wait (ECW), a global fund for education in emergencies, central to supporting education resilience in the face of increasing natural and man-made disasters. The FCDO‘s position paper, ‘Addressing the Climate, Environment, and Biodiversity Crises in and through Girls’ Education’ (2022), provides a framework of priority actions to build resilient and climate smart school systems. Increasingly, our bilateral education programmes are building climate resilience, and we are working, as leading donors, through global education funds – Global Partnership for Education and ECW – to protect education in the face of disasters.

Inter Press Service (IPS)

Education Cannot Wait Interviews Amy Clarke, Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer for Tribe Impact Capital LLP

ECW: Education Cannot Wait and Tribe Impact Capital share a joint ambition to ensure children impacted by armed conflicts, climate change and other protracted crises can realize their potential through a quality education. How can our two organizations work together to make this goal a reality?

Amy Clarke: Education Cannot Wait (ECW) is on the ground fighting for the educational rights of children around the world who are placed in harm’s way. These vulnerable children face a reality filled with instability and uncertainty – an unacceptable condition for any child’s upbringing. As ECW works tirelessly to address the immediate educational needs of these children, it’s crucial we also forge a path toward a future that promises fairness, justice and equity.

All Africa

Uganda to Introduce National Children Play Day

Uganda is preparing to celebrate its first-ever national children's play day on April 30, 2024 to raise awareness about the transformative power of play in a child's life and its crucial role in healthy development.

The national play day is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Ugandan government and supported by renowned international organizations like UNICEF, the LEGO Foundation, Education Cannot Wait, and Plan International.

Lead Pakistan

Campaign to enroll 28,000 out-of-School children launched

Enrollment drive was formally launched in Nowshera district on Thursday with an objective to bring back more than 28000 out-of-school kids in the district. Non-governmental organizations, Voluntary Service Overseas, Participatory Rural Development Society (PRDS) and Education Cannot Wait (ECW) also distributed free school bags among the newly enrolled boys and girls students to encourage them.

Radio Tamazuj

Q&A: ‘With over 3 million children out of school in South Sudan, we must work together to protect children'- Save the Children boss

In an exclusive interview with Radio Tamazuj, Jib, discusses the plight of returnee and refugee children who fled the war in Sudan and the precarious state they currently live in, especially those who were unaccompanied and or separated from their parents and or guardians.

Q:  What are you doing for children across the country apart from the emergency programs?

A: Save the Children is one of the leading implementers of the multi-year resilience program that is funded by Education Cannot Wait and other programs alongside numerous partners. We support expanding the capacity of schools, reconstruction of schools affected by the floods, ensure that children are enrolled and retained at school, and support the teachers and Teacher Parents Associations (PTAs). We have also been working to ensure flexible learning modalities, engaging with communities, and increasing awareness about the importance of education and why communities and parents should take children to school instead of marrying them off. 


A Chance To Dream Again In Syria

To provide new hope for the girls and boys of the camp, UNICEF established a learning center that provides early childhood education for children between the ages of 3 and 5. The students now receive 10 sessions a week, with classes in math, English, Arabic, drawing, and art along with recreational activities designed to help the children learn — and grow — through play.

The activities at the school – auspiciously named “Dream” in Arabic – are funded in part by Education Cannot Wait (ECW), the global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises, hosted by UNICEF.

Since 2018, funding from Education Cannot Wait has reached more than 400,000 children in Syria with quality education supports

Nile Post

Uganda to introduce national children play day

Uganda is preparing to celebrate its first-ever national children's play day on April 30, 2024 to raise awareness about the transformative power of play in a child's life and its crucial role in healthy development.

The national play day is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Ugandan government and supported by renowned international organizations like UNICEF, the LEGO Foundation, Education Cannot Wait, and Plan International.

Port Arthur News

Education Cannot Wait and NABU Mark World Book Day with the Launch of Children's Book, Zaya's Dream

From inside makeshift refugee settlements, damaged classrooms and communities torn apart by war and disaster, millions of children today are desperately holding on to the hope that education will allow them to realize their dreams. To shine a light on this global education crisis, Education Cannot Wait (ECW) and NABU joined efforts in developing the children's book, Zaya's Dream.

The book highlights how education is critical for all children, especially refugees. These girls and boys experience unthinkable loss and face risks of abuse, trafficking, child labor, child marriage, forced recruitment into armed groups, and more. 


Education fund rekindles hopes and dreams of refugees

Nyehoth and her classmates, most of them newly arrived refugees from Somalia and South Sudan, are enjoying learning in a transformed environment, thanks to support from the global education fund, Education Cannot Wait (ECW), which has renovated classrooms in the settlement.

The school headteacher, Abdifatah Hussein, echoes Nyehoth’s enthusiasm, adding that the support from ECW has not only improved the school’s physical surroundings but has also ignited a sense of hope and determination among the students.

Hussein explains that before ECW’s intervention, the classrooms were dilapidated, with leaking roofs and crumbling walls. Basic amenities like proper sanitation facilities, made learning difficult as conditions were not very hygienic.

Special Olympics

Education Experts Call for Greater Commitment to Inclusion in Education

In keynote speeches, Executive Director of Education Cannot Wait Yasmine Sherif and Chairman of Special Olympics International Dr. Timothy Shriver called for more financing from international organizations, development finance institutions and national governments to scale up inclusive education. The session was moderated by Former Sargent Shriver Global Messenger Nyasha Derera, who set the tone for the convening by declaring: “Ideas without action are worthless. We need more action and less talking.”

In her opening remarks, Ms. Sherif stated that every child with intellectual or physical disabilities has an inherent right to high-quality educational programming. She recalled Special Olympics’ demand that national governments allocate 3 percent of their education funding to high-quality, evidence-based inclusionary practices that fully integrate students with intellectual disabilities into schools, which she called “a modest minimum” benchmark that governments can easily meet.

Bit Perfect

Danish Finance Minister Joins Global Efforts to Provide Education in Emergencies

Danish Finance Minister Nicolai Wammen has taken on the role of Global Champion for Education Cannot Wait (ECW), demonstrating his commitment to ensuring that no child or young person is left behind when it comes to education. In this new position, Mr. Wammen will advocate for increased global investments in education during emergencies and protracted crises.

Mr. Wammen’s extensive political experience and recognition make him a valuable asset in mobilizing resources to support ECW’s strategic plan. The goal is to raise $1.5 billion over the next two years to provide education for 20 million crisis-affected children. Currently, more than 224 million children worldwide are impacted by armed conflict, displacement, climate change, and other crises, denying them access to education.