Reporting Resources

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The following resources are for Education Cannot Wait grantees (direct recipients of ECW funds) who need guidance in preparing a report to the ECW Secretariat. In addition to the latest reporting guidelines, other useful resources for report-writing are uploaded and updated periodically.

For any questions related to the reporting requirements, please use this online form to reach us. Kindly note that ECW does not respond to any questions from sub-grantees or organizations who are not receiving funds from ECW.

Guidance and Handbook Section on General Reporting

Main Documents

ECW Grants Management Handbook

ECW Grant Management Handbook

This handbook provides the main guidelines on ECW’s unique organizational setup, how grants are managed by ECW, who/how to contact on specific issues, and how/to whom request forms and reports are submitted.

English Version / Version Française


ECW Reporting General Guideline

ECW Reporting General Guidelines

These guidelines provide detailed instructions on various aspects of ECW reporting.

English Version / Version Française


ECW Webinar Compiled Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A) on Reporting

This document presents a recap of the frequently asked questions, whether it concerns general, finance, results or narrative reporting.

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For additional information on reporting processes, please contact:

ECW Secretariat Grants Management



November 2022 Webinar – English Version


November 2022 Webinar – Version Française

Related Documents

Cover reporting webinar presentation

Reporting Webinar Presentation

Find here the presentations provided during the November 2022 reporting webinars.

English Version / Version Française



Guidance on Gender-Related Reporting

Guidance Note - Gender in Grantees Results Framework

Guidance Note: Gender in Grantees’ Results Framework

This document aims to provide guidance to FER and MRYP grantees on promoting gender-responsive and transformative EiEPC through the monitoring of gender indicators in ECW-supported grantees’ results frameworks.

English Version

Guidance Note: Gender in Grantees’ Budget Template

Guidance Note: Gender in Grantees’ Budget Template

This document aims to provide guidance to ECW Country Leads and Secretariat staff, as well as FER and MRYP grantees, on the integration of the ECW gender commitments made in the new Strategic Plan within ECW-supported grantees’ budget templates at the application and reporting phases.

English Version


For any questions, please contact:

Jordan Scanlon, Gender Intern, 
& Jihane Latrous, Gender Manager, – copying Aurelie Rigaud, & Maurits Spoelder,